The DURAMEN Method is based on next generation sound technology treatment that has been proven as highly successful in the prevention of erectile dysfunction and the overall improvement of a man’s sexual function. Our focused sound wave technology, better known as Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy (LiSWT), has the ability to stimulate a natural response in the body when the need for creating new blood vessels is required. Therefore, LiSWT is actually treating the source of the problem and not only the symptoms of ED, like most other modalities currently available do. This is definitively a more acceptable option, which returns your natural, spontaneous erections, rather than having to resort to pills, or use painful and uncomfortable injections or pumps prior to having sex.

    Who Can benefit?

    The DURAMEN Method can be used by anybody experiencing any of the scenarios listed below.  It is also beneficial for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their sexual performance.
    • “It’s not what is used to be. My erections are not the same as before”.
    • “I find I have trouble penetrating my partner, or the erection does not last enough to complete a satisfying intercourse”.
    • “I have become dependent on pills in order to have a proper erection, and the side effects are very bothersome”.
    • “Pills do not have an effect on me any more”.
    • “I would love to regain some spontaneity in my sex life”.
    • “I suffer from diabetes and I see that this has affected the quality of my erections”.
    • “I’ve noticed an ongoing, slow decline in the quality of my erections and I really want to stop that process”.
    • “I would like to restore the quality I had in my younger years“.

    • The Process

      With complete discretion, you will undergo a free, straightforward personal medical assessment in order to determine the exact cause and severity of your ED. This consultation will define the cause of your ED, and your suitability for treatment. Even if you do not suffer from the full symptoms of ED,   DURAMEN therapy can boost your performance, improve your erectile functioning and rejuvenate the quality of your love life.

      The Typical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are:

      • Vascular (The vast majority of patients fall under this category and are therefore the most likely to benefit by the DURAMEN method. This includes metabolic problems such as diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure, etc.)
      • Neurogenic (usually following radical surgery like Prostatectomy)
      • Psychological (like performance anxiety dysfunction)
      All of our vascular patients are strongly advised to undergo in parallel a full assessment at the BIOWAY Center for Functional Medicine and Metabolic health. It is imperative to balance your metabolism by ways of adjusting to a correct diet, exercise, sleep and social patterns. This will stabilize your sugar and blood lipids, as well as improve your blood pressure levels while you lose weight in a healthy manner. Maintaining a healthy metabolic state will reduce the risk of chronic debilitating diseases like cardiovascular problems, diabetes, obesity and cancer. This will also have a definitely positive effect in the recurrence of your ED.

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