next generation method for prevention & treatment of erectile dysfunction

    What is Duramen?

    • Duramen is based on using next generation sound wave treatments that generate new blood vessels, therefore preventing or improving erectile dysfunction (ED)
    • Durmen treats the source of the problem, not the symptoms, like current pharmacological treatments do To the products that exist today
    • The Duramen treatment:
    ○ Returns spontaneity to your sex life
    ○ Does not require taking drugs treatment
    ○ Painless
    ○ No known side effects
    ○ Ambulatory
    ○ Non invasive
    ○ Long term effects (over two years based on clinical studies)

    • The Duramen method has been shown to produce positive clinical changes in over 70% of men suffering from ED of vascular origin.

    Next Step

    Please contact us by phone: *8135, or email us at info@duramen.center to request a private consultation. (Absolute privacy and discretion are assured)

    What is the procedure?

    • Initial no-cost consultation to see if you are suitable
    • If suitable, you’ll most likely undergo only 6 twenty minute sessions, three times a week for two weeks, to get the desired results
    • There is no anesthesia or sedation involved, so you can go about your regular routine both before and after the treatment
    • Expect to see results about 4 to 6 weeks after completing the treatment
    • As part of a complete treatment, we recommend that you also undergo an assessment at the Bioway Center, in order to stabilize your metabolic imbalances and reduce risks of obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, cancer and certainly of the recurrence of your ED.

    ED in our Society

    • About half of all Israeli males over age 40 suffer from ED
    • The main causes of ED are vascular, diabetes, increased weight and other metabolic imbalances
    • The Duramen Method is suitable for most vascular-related ED
    • Tens of thousands of men have already been treated with the Duramen method worldwide
    • Cilck here to see clinical abstracts

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