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About the Treatment

1. What is DURAMEN shock wave therapy?

It is a next –generation technology, based on the application of low intensity soundwaves to the penis and surrounding areas.

2. How does it work?

The DURAMEN Method works by stimulating the body’s natural response that it uses when additional blood vessels are needed, like in cases of deterioration due to age or metabolic imbalances like diabetes.

3. Are there any side effects to the DURAMEN treatment??

Since 2010, several tens of thousands of people like you have been treated with NO reported side effects.

4. Is the treatment painful?

The procedure is completely painless.

5. What can I expect if I opt for treatment?

If the origin of your erectile dysfunction is vascular in nature, several clinical studies and the experience of several tens of thousands of people like you treated around the world, show that in over 70% of the cases, you will experience significant improvement of the quality of your erection. This shall be reflected in more frequent and firmer erection, which will occur spontaneously. It is possible to use the DURAMEN treatment as a preventive measure as you age, especially if you suffer from high blood sugar, high blood pressure, over weight and other metabolic issues.  Many of these issues may affect the results of the treatment. We always recommend that you combine your DURAMEN treatment with a BIOWAY consultation to get your metabolic state in balance for a healthier and more rewarding sexual and general life.

6. How do I need to prepare and what will I experience after treatment?

There is absolutely no preparation of any sort necessary. The treatment is ambulatory, non-invasive, without need of anesthesia or sedation. You can go about your regular daily routine before and immediately after you receive your DURAMEN treatment.

7. Is it necessary to wait for some time after treatment in order to have sex?

There aren’t restrictions of any kind to have sex neither before nor after a DURAMEN treatment session.

8. When will I notice a difference in the quality of my erections?

You should know that the application of the DURAMEN treatment might cause a dilatation of the existing blood vessels in your penis and surrounding areas, which might make you feel better immediately after the session. This is a short-term effect and is not the permanent results we are looking for. Usually it will take from 4 to 6 weeks until the new blood vessels get formed as a result of the treatment and you start experiencing a more natural, spontaneous and more frequent erections. The rate at which your body responds to the treatment and produces new vessels is individual.

9. You say the treatment provides a 'long term' solution – what does that mean exactly?

The DURAMEN method has been available since 2010, and both clinical studies as well as tens of thousands of patients treated have shown that the effects can last up to two years. General underlying conditions like diabetes and other metabolic issues might affect both the results as well as the long-term effects of the treatment. However, there is no contraindication whatsoever to receive treatment again when you feel you require it. Moreover, this is one of the reasons we strongly suggest you undergo also a metabolic assessment and balancing by our partners at BIOWAY, in order to ensure a more long lasting effect, and delay or eliminate if possible, the recurrence of your ED.

10. What’s the difference between having only six sessions or more?

Usually most of the mild to moderate cases respond well to six sessions only. Some severe cases might require more, and this shall be discussed with our doctor. Having additional sessions cause no harm whatsoever. Similarly, some severe cases that do not respond well to drugs anymore, might experience a great benefit of a longer treatment protocol which might make them respond again to the drugs, returning quality of life to these difficult patients.

11. Is there a guarantee or results?

There is no guarantee, as the variables are multiple and different bodies, under different clinical and metabolic circumstances can respond in different degrees to the treatment. There is, however, enough clinical evidence both from published studies as well as use of the technology around the world that erection problems of vascular causes respond in over 70% of the cases. Other causes of dysfunction might also be helped by the DURAMEN treatment but we can certainly not promise a 70% success.

12. Is a Doctor’s prescription required for the treatment?

No, you can come to us directly in completed confidence. However, your first consultation will be with a doctor at our clinic in order to evaluate your case of determine the cause and severity of the dysfunction and recommend the best protocol for you.

Is the DURAMEN METHOD right for me?

13. Am I a good candidate for the DURAMEN treatment?

DURAMEN is ideal for those who are experiencing a vascular or age related deterioration of their erectile function, as determined by the IIEF questionnaire.

14. I suffer from Diabetes; can DURAMEN do anything for me?

DURAMEN will restore a lot of the vasculature in your penis that has deteriorated as a consequence of your diabetes, and will improve your erectile function. We also strongly recommend a visit at the BIOWAY center in order to balance your metabolic issues, including diabetes, in addition to your continuous visits at your family doctor or diabetologist/endocrinologists.

15. Is a heart condition a contraindication to receiving the DURAMEN treatment?

A heart condition is not a contraindication to the DURAMEN treatment. However, we do know today that erectile dysfunction is an early indicator of heart disease. Please make sure you refer your medical questions to your doctor or cardiologist.

Getting treatment:

16. Where is the DURAMEN treatment available?

You can see the list of DURAMEN affiliated clinics HERE. More clinics are constantly been added to our list of affiliates. Check back frequently for a new clinic near you.

About the technology:

17. Who is DURAMEN headed by?

DURAMEN is an Israeli enterprise headed by Dr Salo Watemberg, CEO of Waiz Holdings Ltd. Dr Salo has been involved in teaching the technology and training dozens of international opinion leaders in the use of the ED1000 device.

18. What is Duramen’s mission?

DURAMEN was founded to offer the possibility of combining your erectile dysfunction treatment together with stabilizing your metabolic issues for a healthier, longer and more rewarding life. This is done in a treatment center near you in Israel in conjunction with our partner, the BIOWAY clinic.

19. Where is the technology from?

The ED1000 was created in Israel by Medispec in 2010. This is the first device in the market to use low intensity shock waves (LiSWT) to treat erectile dysfunction, and the only one today with a considerable clinical compendium including well designed, placebo controlled, double blind studies that consistently prove statistically significant results and reiterate the positive clinical outcomes. Our advisory board includes both the original main researcher for the ED1000 from Rambam hospital in Haifa, as well as he CEO of Medispec.

20. Are there other technologies available?

Yes, but they use unfocused waves with very little penetration, which do not reach the depths or intensity necessary for proper effects. The ED1000 produces a focused wave which has deep penetration, ensuring the wave not only reaches the area it has to, but also concentrates the right amount of energy in the exact anatomical areas necessary to stimulate growth of new blood vessels.

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