Low Intensity Shock Waves Treatment (LiSWT) are acoustic waves that have been proven to stimulate the natural processes the body uses in order to create new blood vessels and increase blood flow when needed. The same technology has been in use for many years to treat kidney stones, orthopedic and other inflammatory processes as well as chronic skin ulcers, all with great results. For over 15 years, this same technology is in use for patients suffering from cardiovascular problems to increase blood flow to the heart muscle, reduce symptoms like angina, and improve functionality, with incredible outcome. In 2010, the technology was used for the first time to treat ED, with excellent effects. Since 2013, the treatment of ED with LiSWT has been included in the European Urology Guidelines as the Gold Standard for the treatment of ED.

Not All ED Devices Are Created Equal: Today there are several companies producing devices that treat ED with LiSWT. However, it was Medispec LTD, an Israeli-American company which first used this technology for treating ED, and whose device has been clinically proven worldwide, through properly designed, double-blind and placebo controlled studies, to be effective and get the desired results. In fact, the studies with Medispec’s device are the reason that LiSWT appears in the European Urology guidelines as Gold Standard. DURAMEN is powered by Medispec’s clinically proven and Ministry of Health authorized ED1000 device. Today there are more than four hundred ED1000 devices in use by top centers around the world.


Your ED is part of a constellation of metabolic imbalances that should also be addressed in order to ensure not only better results of the LiSWT procedure, but to correct your underlying blood sugar, lipid, blood pressure and weight problems. These all are directly linked in most cases, to your ED. LiSWT alone will generally correct the problem, but as long as you neglect your metabolic status, the ED will eventually return.

We work hand in hand with the experts at BIOWAY in order to both locally treat your ED and improve your blood flow, as well as educate you in the proper lifestyle adjustments necessary for you to eliminate all the risk factors not only for ED, but also for chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cancer. DURAMEN clinics are the only institutions in Israel looking at your ED as part of a systemic metabolic problem, and the only ones that will treat not only the symptoms of your ED but the underlying issues causing it.

BIOWAY will analyze your current metabolic status via lab tests, following which a comprehensive education and lifestyle program will be specifically tailored for you. Through this program you’ll learn how to adjust your diet, exercise and sleeping habits, as well as your social and cultural inputs. All these aspects of your life are critical for a healthy and satisfying life, and the results will include healthy weight reduction, stabilization of your blood sugar and lipids, lowering blood pressure and feeling more energized.

The LiSWT will give you a jump-start with your ED problem and BIOWAY will correct the underlying causes of this and many other potential diseases, chronic illness as well as significantly reduce the causes of cancer.